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Bogota Police Department Alarm Registration

BOROUGH ORDINANCE # 836 provides for the registration of all burglar alarms within the Borough of Bogota. Service Fees are provided for false alarms which occur in ONE calendar year or for the failure to register an alarm system with the Bogota Police Department. Disconnection and / or Summons are remedies which could result from violations.


1st False Alarm  : WARNING

2nd False Alarm : $15.00

3rd False Alarm  : $ 25.00

4th False Alarm  : $ 50.00

5th False Alarm  : $ 75.00

6th False Alarm and any Additional : $100.00


Failure to Register Alarm with Bogota Police Department: $ 50.00.. 

Unable to Contact Person(s) within 35 minutes after a False Alarm Received:  $ 25.00 additional. 

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