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Bogota Police Detective Bureau

Detective Sergeant Hector Liriano and Detective's Michael Laferrera & Jon Gallipoli currently make up the Bogota Police Department Detective Bureau.


Bogota Police Department incidents involving investigation are assigned to the Detective Bureau. The Detective Bureau is also tasked with initiating investigations and intelligence regarding criminal activity to the entire police department. The Detective Bureau has the ability to investigate relative minor crimes and conduct complex investigations. These investigations include sexual assaults, aggravated assaults, burglaries, thefts, frauds, identity thefts, financial crimes, narcotic offenses, prostitution, house fires, lewdness, murders, unattended deaths, juvenile matters and criminal mischief.  The Detective Bureau also conducts administrative investigations. These investigations include but are not limited to Megan’s Law Registry, Firearms Permits, Solicitors Permits and Alcohol Beverage Control Laws. The Detective Bureau also works closely with other law enforcement agencies at the local, county, state and federal levels. 


Any person who wishes to report suspicious activity, a criminal offense or needs assistance in anyway, may do so by contacting the Bogota Police Department Detectives at 201-487-2400 or by email at


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